The Systemic Analysis As a Key Element in Architecture

Some people consider that architecture is pure art and can only be produced by genius. Others consider that architecture is easy and can be produced by everyone who creates his “self-made home”. So architecture is suffering from that double misunderstanding due to the confusion about what society is considering architecture.

The proposition we make is to consider architecture as the association, of creation founded on sensibility and technical dimension. This paper presents the Systemic Approach as a method for the understanding of the technical parts of architectural conception. That method can be used to precise for each project some technical performance expected about the essential functions of the building.  As taught at the National School of Architecture in Lyon there are 4 essential functions that are relative to the structure, 9 that are relative to the shape, and a last category which is related to the equipments of the building.

However, at the same time, due to new green policies, more and more materials are abandoned or forbidden for building, such as asbestos, polyurethane, aluminium, and so on. Consequently, the task of architectural conception becomes more and more complex as under lighted by the Systemic Architecture Method: to design a combination of solutions to perform the essential functions of the building in spite of limited and reducing number of techniques and materials.

Sustainable development needs to master ambiances, in order to control light, heat, cold, energy, air, pollution… To reach such a level of control in ambiances, the Systemic Architecture Method can be useful for people who are concerned about contemporary architecture.

David Demange, Architect,  Lyon National School of Architecture, F.

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