Greetings From Ecocity World Summit : The Game’s Up

Last summer, we were in Montreal for the Ecocity World Summit. We spent one week attempding discussions and many very interesting presentations from all over the world. More than 1,500 took part. Each received a free pass for public transportation and invitations for many ecological events in the whole city, thanks to the host organization « Centre d’Ecologie Urbaine » of Montreal : eco-bicycling, ecological gardening, green roof visits, training workshops… and lots of « initiatives aimed at making our metropolis a true capital of sustainable development ».

At the end of the week, I prepared my return with deep feeling. I told myself that I would have to work harder to improve my dirty city and for the sake of my poor fellows citizens. I noticed all week long that Montreal was really a true capital of sustainable development, so unlike Marseille…

The last day, I was looking for games as presents for my two young children. I didn’t found any toy-shops in the city. And once I had checked every shop in the big commercial center downtown, it became strange for me… Then I asked people where I could find a toy-shop. And I understood that I was strange for them too. They told me that toys are sold in megastores in the suburbs : looking to buy a toy as a pedestrian in the city center was nonsense.

Then I bought very nice shirts and socks for my kids, and I went back to my dirty city more confident.

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